Harassed at Chick-fil-A (Work Stories)

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  • Goodness gracious this is blowing up and I am nothing short of grateful! I was so so scared to share this story - this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg for these kinds of things. When I hit upload, I didn’t expect any more than a few thousand views if I was lucky, and I was only prepared for a few hate comments. Needless to say, I’m overwhelmed with the support! I want to continue making content like this, and I was so afraid no one would care, no one would relate. But I see people do! And although that’s incredibly sad, at the same time it’s incredibly comforting. Thank you guys. 🤓💓

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    • @hannah albiez no i was saying that she had 35k subs at that time while now she has 1.65 million

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    • @literally Dog Water Ni it is 135.6 m and that is in 0nly like 2 or 3 years so ya now C on that

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    • When another youtuber comes to your comment section and their comment gets more likes than yours: ooof

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    • I choose you should B. to him

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    • I like the beginning “but seriously”

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  • Cockadoodle smite

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  • God bless go in peace ;-;

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  • Something worse

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  • B. The nutcracker

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  • ✨No no don’t touch her there that is her no no ✨👍

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  • He he touched me there he touched my nono square!!

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  • The nutcracker or COCKADOODLE

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  • 2:31 Id do all of the above

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  • I think it was c

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  • B

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  • Wat wtf tf poll he’s nuts off

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  • Jimmy neutron

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  • *chicken jesus*

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  • * clap* god bless!

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  • I would scream for chicken juess

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  • Jimmy Mrbeast Uhhhhhh one minute

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  • First she was singing about her no no square THEN SHE GOT SERIOUS

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  • all of the answers to what she did are funny on the test looking thing and i choose chicken jesus smites him down

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  • Was it Mr. beast because Mr. beast is jimmy

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  • I think a

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  • illy "dont you fucking touch me" jimmy you pickle blocker

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  • A. One Punch

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  • o

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  • I would go for...NUTCRACKER!!!

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  • vote now on your phones *laughs in computer*

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  • Is it called raped

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  • Nutcracker

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  • Love this vid dude. I’m so sorry u had to go through that

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  • I think B the nutcracker!

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  • ''clapes" this is my Nono square

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  • I know this is serious but that daft punk reference is perfect plus the robotic auto tune

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  • Pepper spray:)

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  • Jimmy deserves hell

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  • No nose don’t touch me there this is my no nose square

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  • Kick him at the nono

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  • 2:27 No

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  • Illy: He brushed his no no square against my no no square Me: So thats where they got the card swipe task from

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  • C

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  • a) one punch

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  • chicken gods :3

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  • His name was..... JiMmY

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  • d.

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  • the nutcracker

  • You could have called my brother (chicken jesus)...He is helpful

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  • Wow, illysa knows where I go to eat my favourite chicken sandwich...

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  • 1:54 What da faq?!

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  • In the nuts Lol

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  • A.

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  • 2:36 ALL OF THEM!!!!

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  • chick-fil-a is homophopic

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  • If i was in that situation, I wouldn't do either, i'd scream: "GET THE FUCK OFF ME YOU LITTLE !@#$%^&**&^%$#@!@#$&*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*&^%$#@!@#$%^&&^%$#$%^&*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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  • B. The Nutcracker

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  • dont you fucking touch me ever again

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  • 🎩👓🧣👕👖🧦👟

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  • feel sorry for you and i like your vids so I subscibed

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  • The nut cracker will always work

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  • i had chick fil a tonight :0

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  • see illy you must forgive these people for your own sake so you can move on from that pain because if you don't forgive these people you'll be in a really dark place for the rest of your life please forgive these people not so they can feel better but for you 🙏 God bless

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  • No one: Illy: This is my no no square Me: Rhinking about ree kids no no square song.

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  • MrBeast: Wait a minute he has brown hair....And his name is jimmy....Huh

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    • *mind explosion*

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  • Guys nobody should disrespect peoples no no square

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  • So illy likes to watch to juicy and the boys

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  • "The nutcracker" sent me rolling

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  • Nobody: Illy’s chick-fil-a: *eat berd*

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  • 2:35 C ofc

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  • "Chicken Jesus". I laughed hard on that. xD Illy, you've a great sense of humour. That's why I admire your optimistic videos. I hope you get a phat day. :-D

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  • Jesus loves chick fil a.

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  • It c

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  • N O N O S Q U A R E

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  • You killed him

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  • “You wouldn’t expect to be harassed at chick-fil-a” Chick-fil-a who donated for kids to go to conversion therapy:

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    • Homophobe a li

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  • 4:47 no we are not in Chik-Fil-A oh no no no we are in... DE PRIDE ISLE SANATORIUM

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